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    No, I’d say the show does a great job of representing the typical 18-34 male with Larry, with his constant need for validation, attention, and the world to revolve around him.


    I wouldn’t care if there wasn’t a single damned man on the fucking show.

    I dont understand. Why is it that any time there is a show specifically made for and catered to a mostly female audience, men wanna complain?? Like holy shit, how many fucking shows are there that represent every kind of male personality, hero and villian out there and we finally get one fucking tv show that shows a deep spectrum of the female personality and men have the gall to complain there arent enough men? Jeezy peezy. There are so many shows for men with lead male charcters everywhere. How often do women receive media representation like oitnb, where not one female character is lacking in depth? Fuck man. I was just so fucking excited to see female characters who werent decked out in make up or all the same skinny body type. Let alone having bisexual and queer charactera and WoC like. Oitnb is amazing. Is it a show directed at largely a female and lgbtq audience? Yea. So the fuck what? There are countless shows directed toward and oriented around a male audience as well as heterosexual romances everywhere. So fuck off.

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  8. She holds a piece of my heart.

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    That’s horrifying

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  13. The Humanae project by Angélica Dass.

  14. I’ll call this “I’m stoked for Bonnaroo, Part 7.”

    Lauryn Hill hasn’t released an album since 2001. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to hear more of her new work.

  15. We’re on opposite ends of the country right now, and we’re still managing to see each other almost every day.

    Sorry, not sorry for gushing.